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With No Shane Wizard Warne, The Wrist of Cricket is broken now

Shane Keith Warne (1969-2022) with 708-wickets is the second highest wicket taker in Test matches; the world changed when he arrived and the universe will never remain the same without him.

“Standing there with the ball in my hand and I looking at the pitch it seemed in every way that it was my domain and I owned it!” -Shane Warne.

They say that bowlers die twice in their life; initially when they finish the last ball of their career and then, when they get the better of the gate-keeper of the heaven.

The Red-letter day sucked black inks:

March 4, 2022 was a red-letter day and now some black inks have been sprinkled over it; for good reasons Indian’s icon Virat Kohli plays his 100th Test match while Australia took part in cricket on the land of Pakistan after 24-years.

But like all, the good part of life grabbed the hard sorrow beginning. The day in India kicked up with the news of Rod Marsh’s passing away, in the middle both games were player, and the evening went more darker as the moon failed to light it up when the sudden passing away of Shane Warne; not only Australia but World Cricket lost two of its inspiring kids.

“It is with great sadness we advise that Shane Keith Warne passed away of a suspected heart attack in Koh Samui, Thailand today, Friday 4 March. Shane was found unresponsive in his villa and despite the best efforts of medical staff, he could not be revived. The family requests privacy at this time and will provide further details in due course,” said a statement from Warne’s management company MPC Entertainment.

Shane Warne’s Long Lusting Successful Career:

Formats Matches Wickets Average BBI BBM Runs Bat Avg HS
Test 145 708 25.41 8/71 12/128 3154 17.33 99
ODI 194 293 25.74 5/33 1018 13.05 55
T20 73 70 26.61 4/21 210 9.54 34*

“The Ball of the Century”- A Ball that was put almost outside the 22-yard hit the off-stump:

June 4, 1993 and Shane Warne was playing his first Ashes on the English soil. A typical Old Trafford wicket suits spin bowling. That was why England were playing with two spinners. But Australia didn’t follow the norm. They had only one spinner and he was very inexperienced and ordinary considering his poor average in the previous 11 matches. However, having batted first Australia could put up a score of 289 despite Mark Taylor’s century. England was well set for 71/1. Mike Gatting and Captain Graham Gooch were at the crease. Australian captain Allan Border turned to Shane Warne.

Right-hander Gatting was a renowned player against spin. And everybody expected that Gatting would easily tackle Warne. After a slow and short run up of just few steps he rolled his arm and delivered the ball. The ball went down to the pitch and landed outside leg stump. Then it started spinning rapidly and the heavy drift took the ball to the off stump. Gatting tried to play an orthodox defense but the ball missed the bat by inches. “The Ball of the Century” was delivered as people asked ‘Who is this lad?”

They said he could spin it on ice, I think he could take wickets in zero gravity.

You weren’t facing a bowler; you were facing a force of nature.”

The Strauss ball in ’05 came more than a decade after the Gatting ball, and the magic was known.

Warne to Straus 2005 Ashes: Strauss played it wrong even after watching it 1000-times: 

Strauss had faced Warne, seen Warne, knew everything he could about Warne. For lord’s sake it was Shane Warne! You couldn’t have watched cricket – let alone played it – and not been an expert in Shane Keith Warne.

And Strauss was facing him in the middle of perhaps Warne’s most iconic series. Strauss had faced him, knew him, and grew up watching him. Every England team meeting would have been about him. By this point, everyone had virtually invented cameras to unpack the mystery. To decode Warne’s magic. And yet in this one moment, Strauss is standing there absolutely stunned at what Warne had done to him. His foot is near silly point, and his leg stump has been rumbled. But most of all, Strauss looked shocked.

Warne maintained mystery in the harshest public light of Edgbaston exactly replicating the same what he had done with Gatting at the start of his career.

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If you pause at the moment he is bowled, he is not just playing the wrong shot, but it appears like he’s playing an entirely different sport.

And it’s not just that it was another bowled that came from somewhere it shouldn’t. Strauss has the same look of confusion of what just happened as Gatting did. As hundreds of them did.

Shane Warne 700: Magical Melbourne Moment:

By the time, Australia reached Melbourne in 2006, the Ashes ‘urn’ was already in their cabinet but still the eagle’s eye of the whole ‘MCG’ crowd and perhaps the whole world cricket was on home boy Shane Warne, who sitting on 699-wickets earlier that week, had declared that this game would be his last ‘Boxing Day Test’.

The moment England won the toss and decided to bat, Warne was always going to be the Boxing Day star. But the huge near-recorded crowd of 89,155 had to wait almost half of the day to witness the feat. Just to tour minutes earlier, he was swept fine for a boundary of Paul Collingwood’s blade while well set Andrew Straus notched up his half-century in 131-deliveries.

On a pace suited 22-yard with hardly any sun, any spinner; specially a leg-spinner would have struggled because they tend to keep their hands warm; but then it was Warne wizard; Victoria’s favorite son delivered a ripping leg-break that spun through Andrew Strauss’ defense and clipped the middle and leg stump. Bamboozled!!

Ahhh… who could catch Warne by then? The whole ‘G’ erupted in loud cheer and joy as the giant screen flashed out ‘700’. It was just Warne first of the fifer as he finished with his 37th five-wicket haul acted as 5/39.

“There are some special days that happen to your life and some special things happen and that’s definitely one of them.” Warne noted down.

“The birth of your children, getting married, playing your first Test, they’re pretty special. From an individual point of view that’s got to be one of the best days I’ve ever had.”

Warne Commenting his own wicket:

It was a Big Bash League (BBL) game going on between Brisbane Heats and Melbourne Stars. For the later, Warne was bowling in an attempt to defend a formidable total; the player’s microphone was in the bowler’s ear and Warne talking with commentator, Brandon Julian, insisted of going slower and wider of the arch of Brendon McCullum who ran down the track and nearly saved his life; even though he didn’t get him by then, McCullum did exactly what Warne wanted him to do.

After a single to the other batter, they met again. This time, he just told Julian that Brendon might sweep or run inside out; so, he was planning to bowl a fast slider one. Well, McCullum precisely ventured a huge sweep but the ball went through his legs to hit the timber.

Three balls in the game, that told how he used to fox the batters in the pitch even before his run-up.

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Tough for the Umpires to pick-up:

If someone thinks he was just a nightmare for the batter or the keepers; trustworthy that he would come in the night dreams of the umpires; they couldn’t pick him too. He used to say to himself in the run-up; “Get it straight, Shane. Get it straight.” The only ball that would go straight was the flipper but the words wasn’t for the umpires which they used to think of telling to them.

The vital thing to remember was that the ball would pitch in the leg stump and fired straight; as a umpire, he became so hard when Warne would go on his haunches and make a loud appeal. And if the umpire said not out, he would pass the umpire acknowledging it a good decision. Everyone was included in Warne’s plans. Even Umpires- Steve Bucknor recounted.

Someone more than just a Cricketer: 

There are some players who played the game and they only loves to see their own country being on the top and then there was Shane Warne; someone will never have a dull moment with the victory boy; he would always come to new kid and inspire him to love the leg-spin and bowl with life.

Just to look at his own life, he was torn away for a wicket going for 150-runs almost by Ravi Shastri and co. but he never put a foot behind. The advice he always used to provide to the kids was never get scared of going out of the park or to the drain by the road side from the batters; the coaches generally that time suggests to bowl medium pace but the joy and energy one will never find.

If there was a kid who wants to speak with him about the game or wants a autograph of him, trust the word, he would do everything to make it possible; someone who was never timid of grabbing challenges.

The Heaven will still its best now to tackle Warne:

There was hardly any day when Warne wasn’t lifeful whether in his playing days or in the commentary box; One can go to Lord’s or Melbourne or anywhere else and ask for information and Warne will happily spend couple of hours behind him. The beautiful story of how he invented the word Flipper and the word heard it for the first time is something else.

Now Once he is gone; the Cricket is broken; it has lost its wrist, life, aggression and fight.


(The Feature is being penned down with special contributions from Avipsha Lala & Ritam Roy).

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