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WI vs ENG, 2022: England’s Reset-mode needs to be re-examined after horrified record losing another series

With that lost in the third Test against West Indies, England have now just one single win in their last 17-Tests since the second Test against India in February 2021.

Perhaps, it was one of those days when an England defeat didn’t catch the whole universe because of the festive mood, the lion’s share of this world was having in Mumbai surrounding the Indian Premier League (IPL). But, about 8700-miles away in Grenada, England had faced their 11th loss with just a single win in 17-matches, the rest being drawn.

The atmosphere, carried with the color and the noise of Rally ‘Round the West Indies’ in the crowd while cheekily someone ringing, ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ in the musical party to a backdrop of whatever had happened in English Cricket specially after the back of another terrorizing Ashes series, it summed up the time “The Three Lions” were going through.

Braithwaite and Root- Two alternate images:

While two contrasting leaders caught in the camera lens; Kraigg Braithwaite amidst all those party, tickling a straight ball into the leg side rushed back for a double to hold his arm high clinching a series victory over England, who is now yet to win a Test series in the Caribbean since 2003/2004.

It was a fitting moment for the West Indies captain who in Barbados who showed marathon determination in his 15-hour innings to blunt the England attack and probably kick them out of the series at the exact moment. Meanwhile, Joe Root, one of those likeable persons, already being raised questions after questions back of the Ashes tour, just slowly from his first slip position, lonely in his thoughts, picked up his fielding kits before congratulating the opponents.

The time has come England needs to say good bye to Joe Root, the captain; it’s high time now that England should look around for some changes in their system but the problem in that in every foot-step, they will have thousands of advices being left on the roads.

The mode of how England changed White-ball set-up:

It’s not new for England cricket; well, after that unforgettable Adelaide night in 2015 when Rubel Hussain uprooted Jimmy Anderson’s stumps, no one believed what England had gone onto achieve before the world stage just 4-years later and one has to give most of the credit to the captain, Eoin Morgan and the way, he had driven the system; more than Morgan, the credit should be given to Andrew Strauss, who kept full faith on the English white-ball captain to continue with him on that position.

Now, it’s time for the red-ball challenge and as I said, they got to change Joe Root, even though, he has been going to the dream phase of his cricketing career; captaincy job is totally a different page of the book.

Rest & Rotation Policy: A New English Formula Destroys Test Cricket:

Rob Key could be the next Director of England cricket:

There had been some talks going around recruiting Rob Key at the director of cricket post, who is at present doing the commentary and has been appointed as a specialist broadcaster for Sky. The key part of Rob is because of doing those commentary stints in various parts of the world, he knows the problem from a different angle and to say the least, a new energy in the side should always be welcomed.

One those other things about Key is knowing the county cricket from the inner side; and also, because he himself is having small kids who loves the games, Key knows how to handle those young fresh talents who are fascinated about the longest format of the game.

Ricky Ponting- The next English coach?

Coming to the column of finding the coach, it will be so vital and tough, and specially, because those veterans love to deal with those franchise cricket where they can earn some big buckets and not being forced to be away from the family for more than couple of months in different parts of a year. So, what England could do is splitting the coaching job in different colors of the ball; Paul Collingwood can do the white ball game coaching and it won’t be that tough because England cricket is already in that part going through a smooth phase.

Ricky Ponting : A Legend, A Leader And A Superior Guide

What they should and will do, I guess, would be trying their level best to appoint the best cricketing brain of Ricky Ponting in the Test coaching job; someone who watches and reads the game from where others could hardly think of; Remember the game in Adelaide during the Ashes, where he talked about all the techniques of Cameron Green and the very next, the world saw the stumps being juggled as Ponting a few seconds ago predicted.

It’s that normal cliché we tend to use; A Good Student might be not the best Teacher, and that’s mostly because there is no guarantee that one can teach someone what he has learnt himself or point someone a different view. That doesn’t happen with Ponting; so, England should run the whole race to get attached with him.

Stuart Broad over Ben Stokes is an odd captaincy choice:

The captaincy, as I mentioned millions times in this article, should not be continued with Joe Root; but the problem for the side is, if not Root, then who? Ben Stokes, as most people had already put him in the blazer when England will play New Zealand at home again coming summer. But I will not go with Stokes; this is purely to preserve what he already is offering to his side.

A genuine all-rounder, on whom no one can have the right of raising the question of showing dedication; he is bowling, batting, fielding at different parts and already being associated with so many things in life; I don’t want to see him being burnt down by the leadership pressure.

That’s why, I have put the name of Stuart Broad as the England captain; yes, I know that he doesn’t have enough yards in his legs but he is the right person for England at the moment; he is tough, hard and someone who never shy of speaking the rock-solid truth as he raised question about him being left out from the team against England in Ageas Bowl during the 2020 summer.

Players need to shoulder responsibilities:

I know, if England wants to go with someone who they are thinking of having for the longer version in the run, Broad might not be the right person but they don’t have those players available.

So, the so-called Reset mode has been worked and it was never going to worked with 1000-wickets of Broad and Anderson spending their time in the golf course in Scotland. The players too need to take some responsibility on their shoulder if they carry on to play for the country.

But it’s such surprising to imagine how can England with those number of resources have come to this place!!!

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