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Top Special Moments of T-20 World Cup 2021

The T-20 World Cup is being arranged with so many highs and lows, emotions and moments of glory.

Another year has gone by with a new edition of the T-20 World Cup and this year like the past ones has brought so many pleasing moments in the field that again paints out how beautiful this game has connected fans around different cultures. Although, India’s dry journey of no ICC trophies since 2013 is still haunting the side with other sides keeps on adding feathers. In this article, we will look at some of the top moments of the championship.

1. Never Eliminate Australia from Giant Events

Their name is Australia; they are the king of the forest; they had been there for so many times and they know how to deal with pressure, crowd, expectations and the mode of getting under the skin of the opposition; So, eliminate them from Giant events like finals at your own risk. I bet before the game, leaving the Aussie fans, the whole world was supporting the Kiwis but when Finch got the right end of the coin, the fortune paper turned.

Even after a classy knock from Kane Williamson who somehow again showed the universe that this form of the game isn’t about power but of masterclass. Some of the shots he played was of high caliber. New Zealand even after getting Finch early posting 170+, couldn’t spoil the party of their neighbors. Both Warner & Mitch Marsh took the bowlers on and the blackcaps had just no answer of it. Lastly, just when the sun was raising in Australia, a switch-hit of Maxwell, propelled them to their Sixth overall and first T-20 World Cup win. The 4year cycle of a new era of this country receives its first fruit.

2. Temba Bavuma & Virat Kohli showed what is True Leadership

There is a faint line between captaining the side and leading the lads like your own family; Virat and Bavuma have showed what’s the true definition of leadership. When India’s prime bowler Mohammad Shami, after going for so many runs in one of his overs against the opening game against Pakistan, was hit by so much abuse from the social media, his captain Virat has stood beside him. “To me, attacking someone over their religion is the most pathetic thing that a human being can do.” Kohli added in the press conference “Our brotherhood, our friendship within the team, and nothing can be shaken.” 

Another proper example from Temva Bavuma touched most of the eyes. When Quinton de Kock made himself unavailable in their second game, few eyebrows raised after knowing that it was because of taking a knee for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Despite all those noises beyond the boundary and disruption in the change room, the Proteas won. In South Africa, there is diverse in its views, in its culture and in the way, people see things; the statement that the board put could break some of the relation within the players but I felt Bavuma handled the situation in a terrific manner both on and off the field. “I don’t think it’s as simple as just taking a knee…I think we have to appreciate the fact that we live in a country like South Africa.”

Almost 45-hours later, de Kock explained his reasons and apologized to his fans and team-mates and went on to take the knee in their next game.

3. Champion Bravo Signs off T20I with semi goodbye from Gayle

Two giants from two places playing for one country, West Indies, says goodbye to the game they were famous of most. It’s been almost 14-15 odd years when they began their assignment in a newly formed format. Playing almost all the various leagues around the globe, they have structured themselves to sky-high. When one look at the stats of them together, it’s been 1000-T20s, runs, wickets, catches, iconic moments, trophies; they are the history.

When you remind Dwayne Bravo, you realize so many T-20 World Cups, the two winning moments in 2012 & 2016, four IPL trophies with Chennai Super Kings (although he will keep playing franchise Cricket), other league trophies, important runs coming down the order, taking crucial wickets in the death overs. “Champion” was the name people call him; indeed, he is. The ways the Aussies after the game gave him a guard of honor was so special to watch and it again detects how beautiful this game is. “Right moment to let next generation come through.” 

Gayle may play another T-20 for farewell: 

Then there is the “Universe Boss”, Having the same impact on the game as his partner. When the Jamaican use to be in full flow, there was no bowler in this planet to stop him. Whether it’s 2007-World Cup against South Africa, 2013 that 175* against Pune playing for Bangalore in the IPL or the last T-20 tournament against England in Mumbai; you don’t have 12-centuries in a 120-ball format by just walking on the park. 10K runs, with a bit of part-time bowling and an awesome entertainer on and off the field. Although, his celebration at the end of the innings in the last game of the 2021-T20 word cup for West Indies indicated his retirement, he still his expressed wish to play one last time. “If they actually (can) give me one game in Jamaica to go in front of my home crowd, then I can say, ‘Hey guys, thank you so much.”

4. Historic Moment for New Generation to look Forward in Namibia

A four through the covers in Sharjah threw immense joy in the faces of all the fans in Namibia; it’s another ladder to the new generation to look forward in the future. A country with just 25lakhs of population, 25% of the population in Mumbai only, and around 8-9 cricket pitches, most of them are in the parks, has reached to the top of the peak in a rapid pace. In the qualifier round of the super 12 of the World T-20 this edition, they have beaten some of the best sides; notably Ireland, a test playing nation. They have one supreme leader in the form of Gerhard Erasmus who carries them on his shoulders untill recently they find the services of David Wiese.

They are so much charged up in the field and because they have already qualified for the next edition of the tournament in Australia, it will give them enough time to draw out the plans. “You know, it’s ultimately a dream that’s come true for these players.” Said their coach De Bryun who has got helped from Albie Morkel too. “Showed the world that we are not a push over.”

5. T-20 Format is so Hard & Harsh

International is terrible sometimes; the moment Hasan Ali in the second semi-final dropped Wade at covers or the night before when Jordan and England bowlers even after being top on their game for most of the tournaments were licking runs, the thousand cameras were on those faces flashing them on the giant screens; it never happens in club cricket. You drop a catch and you have no clue to run away of it. Pakistan had bowled quite a few no-balls in the competition but never had to pay for it before the main evening.

Same as England who might be doing the job in all the games but one slight mistake on the big day, just like 4- bad ball in Kolkatta and the dream is been damaged. Feel so bad for Shaheen Shah Afridi, who began the campaign with fire Yorkers but went for three consecutive sixes to end in a horrible way. But he is too young and as bunch, this side will learn from their mistakes going in the next World cup to Australia.

Let us know about your favorite moment of the tournament.  

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