Top Seven Controversial Moments in Cricket History

Mike-Gatting and Shakoor-Rana argument was one of the craziest controversies to occur in Cricket.

“No great advance has been made in science, politics or religion without controversy.” The last word seems to be quite a familiar one to most of us. The Game of Cricket has consistently seen an immense increase in participating countries over the last few decades. It means that the core group in the middle of the buffer region has reached to the transition state.

The game generally counts itself as a “Gentleman’s Game”. Although, some of the unnecessary incidents don’t find the game in good light. Some of the frustrations have led up to some of the controversies, both on or off the field.

Let’s have a look at our memory lane to some of the greatest controversies that has taken place in the fight between Bat & Ball.

The Biggest No-Ball in 2010 Lord’s Shocked the World:

The 2010 Lord’s test between England & Pakistan received a heavy shock when visiting bowler Mohammad Amir bowled No-balls that were way in front of the popping crease. The bowler’s foot was crossing the foot of the batsman at the non-strikes end.

He was paired by Mohammad Asif that embarrassed the famous cash-rich fast bowling bunch. No brainer, they were sent to jail and handed a healthy ban. Though, Amir, who couldn’t make difference between right & wrong at that young age, did make a comeback.

“We Will Make Them Grovel”

On the eve of the historic 1976 test series between England & West Indies, English captain Tony Greig created a huge spark among the West Indian players by an unfortunate comment “We will make them Grovel”. The pic of Brain Close sums up how that comment displayed the art and mastery of Windies Cricket in the tour. 

1987 Furious Faisalabad:

That incident between English captain Mike Gatting and umpire Shakoor Rana during the 1987 test series in Faisalabad might be one of the furies incidents between the leader and umpire. “You are waving your hand; that’s cheating.” Commented Rana when his opposite was found to change his field during a ball was going to deliver. The small image took a bigger picture as Rana refused to stand again untill Gatting apologized, which he did.

Mike Denness & His Behaviour Towards India:

In the 2001 South Africa tour by India, match referee Mick Denness banned as many as 6 Indian players for their behavior like too much appealing for a catch or shouting for a LBW etc. The shocking name was Sachin Tendulkar, who was charged for ball tempering and got suspension for one match. The whole India went to a protested condition against the bias made by the ICC and the match referee, who eventually was removed for the next game.

No-Ball Signals to Murali:

The 1995 Boxing Day test saw Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan was called for seven no-balls in the space of three overs by umpire Darrell Hair. Soon, for protest captain Arjuna Ranatunga took his troops off the field. It wasn’t the last time Murali was called for throwing the ball by umpires; where the law suggest that his arm was shown to be flexed within the legal limit of 15 degree.

Hansie Cronje Match-Fixing:

Proteas captain Hansie Cronje was conspired by a bookmaker to force a result in a test and that discovered the famous controversial episode of the game. That game in 2000 against England lust 3days due to rain but the skipper and his spot-fixing scandal was disgraced so much before being banned for the rest of his life from sports.

2018 Sand-Paper Gate:

It’s probably the freshest one in our memories. During the 2018 Australia tour by South Africa, teams reached Cape town with 1-1 for the third test. But what happened next shouldn’t be occurred on a Cricket Field or any other field. Aussie opener Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera to scrape the ball with sandpaper with an aim to produce convectional reverse swing. He admitted the offence with captain Smith and vice-captain David Warner, both of who got 1-year ban whereas Bancroft himself was punished for 9-month sentence.

It’s not the good behaviors in the Cricket field but there is always a flip side in a coin and one has to bear with it. Whether it’s Fixing or the sandpaper gate or the no-ball or any other else, one has to understand that this is also a part and parcel of the game to remember but not to repeat again. Let’s not forget that most importantly. These subjects are always being taught to teach the right lessons. 

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