Top Seven Co-incidents in the Game of Cricket

From India’s winning Test matches at Lord’s after winning World Cups to Sachin Tendulkar being the mixture of Alastair Cook and Michael Clarke in stats.

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“Co-incidence is God’s way of remaining Unknown Author.”

In our normal lifestyle, Different kind of co-incidents can be a part and parcel; some are really joyous, while some other disappoint us; some could be really shocking to. In the game of Cricket, there are a big list of incidents that bemuse us; some of the closing encounters or crazy records make sure that the spectators remain on their edge of the seat. But there are quite a few co-incidents that should be known by all of us- the Cricket-lovers. Let’s have a look at the Top 6-co-incidents the sport has ever witness.

  • Richard Kettleborough and India’s failure on the biggest stage

One of the renowned umpires, Richard Kettelborough has stood on so many occasions of the game at the biggest stage but somehow the Indian fans don’t really like him to officiate their team’s game and there is a fair bit of reasons for that. Since 2014, Ind has tasted defeat in all the biggest stage whether it’s the 2014 ICC WT-20 final against Sri-Lanka, 2015 WC semi-final against Australia, 2016 WT-20 semifinal against the Caribbean, 2017 Champions Trophy final against Pakistan or lastly the 2019 WC semifinal to New Zealand; co-incidentally all the games had seen umpire Richard Kettleborough as officials.

Now, Team India is going to play the World Test Championship final against the Blackcaps and their fans surely don’t want to see Kattleborough in the umpire’s column.

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  • Indian captain and their magical number of 183

83 is not only a special number for Indian fans but it’s a magical number to be a successful Indian captain. One has to score 183 as their as career best to become Indian skipper later on.

First, it was Sourav Ganguly who made 183-runs off 159-balls in the 1999-world cup against the Sri-Lankans and later on due to the spot-fixing scandal, he was given the responsibility of leading the side. In his captaincy, a young Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored 183* in a successful chase against the same Lankan side and later on was handed the captaincy duties during the 2007 T-20 World Cup. Now, under his leadership, Virat Kohli during the 2012 Asia Cup game against the Pakistan, had smashed 183-runs to get his team over the line. Later on, in Dhoni’s absence, Kohli led India in a test against the Australia before getting the full responsibility in 2017.

  • Sachin Tendulkar is the sum of Michael Clarke & Alastair Cook 

The bizarre stat or a co-incident you can say first appeared during the 3rd test of the 2013 Ashes. Both the skippers, Alastair Cook & Michael Clarke were playing their 100th test match. After the inclusion of the first test innings, Cook had scored 7955-runs with 25 test hundreds whereas Michael Clarke had 7964-runs in his name with 26-centuries. Now, when you add them, you find 15919 test match runs with 51-test tons in 200-matches, 2-short (15921 test runs) from “The God of Cricket” Sachin Tendulkar has made making a last appearance in the same year. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  • Devon Conway and Sourav Ganguly

One of the recent co-incidents that took place before the cricketing world was when South African born Kiwi left-hander Devon Conway scored a hundred on his test debut to earn his name on the Lord’s Honors board. Now, the same fat was reached by former Indian player Sourav Ganguly. It’s not only the one same thing between them; with both of them was born on 8th July, both international debut and test debut against the West Indies and England respectively. Both are left-handers and if Ganguly’s ODI debut cap was 84, Conway got the same number in his T-20 cap. You are kdding me!!!

  • 18th June: A Curse day in Indian Cricket 

One of the Curse date on Indian Cricket is 18th June; a day as a player or fan you don;t want to play or watch the live game. Quite interesting the fact is that, India had lost a ODI game against Bangladesh back in 2015, lost a T-20 against Zimbabwe in 2016 and the next year saw their losing the Champions trophy final against the arch-rivals Pakistan; all on the same date: 18th June. and to make it worst, they will play their first WTC final against New Zealand starting on 18th June. Last time, they beat the Kiwis in a ICC tournament was back in 2003.

  • Nelson’s love affair with 11

It was the first test match of South Africa and Australia in 2011 at the Newlands in Cape Town when an absolute shocking or stunning incident too place in the score card.

During the 3rd day of the game, “Nelson” remain jammed from all the areas. On the 11th day in the 11th month of the year 2011 (makes it 11/11/11) at 11:11, South Africa needed 111-runs to win the Test match. To make it remarkable, Cricket South Africa asked all the fans on the stadium to stand on one leg during the moment. How about that?

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  • World Cup win ensures Lord’s test win

Winning a world cup is a remarkable achievement but if that winning trophy can ensure a test match victory at Lord’s, then nothing is better than that. India have won 2- world Cups in ODI and the same number of test matches at the “Home of Cricket”. now, the fact that will amuse one is that both came in 3-years of space. After getting their name in the WC for the first time in 1983, they got their first test win in lord’s in 1986. Again, after wining the cup in 2011, they got their 2nd Lord’s test win in 2014. Wow, isn’t it !!!!

So, that remains the top 6-co-incidents according to me. The future may see more of the co-incidents taking place. There could be difference in your mind and that’s why I will ask all of you to send your known co-incident through the comment box which we will add in the future.

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