The Successful IPL Journey of Chennai Super Kings

Till Now, Chennai Super Kings have qualified to all the IPL Playoffs while winning the Trophy for Three Times and Two of them in Successive Years of 2010 & 2011.

Twitter/ The Bharat Army

An anonymous says about the CHENNAI SUPER KINGS  or the YELLOW ARMY  “ IPL is a tournament where seven teams fight against each other to meet Chennai Super Kings in the final !!! ” . It’s quite true regarding what we have seen in the history of the IPL.  Don’t you think that…???

The yellow army is not only one of the best teams in the history of the IPL but also a team with tales of unprecedented achievements inlaid in their crown.

But why are we talking about that..???.. If we check their success in the ten seasons of IPL inluding the two years of banning with the ROYALS, we will find that they are the 3 times champions , 8 times finalist. Another remarkable thing is that they could make their way to the knockout every year. Wow..!!!.. Isn’t it fabulous in a word?

Now, there is always a formula or a mantra behind the success of a team. For the Dhoni led side, the DAD’S ARMY have a simple formula of rocking in each season of IPL. The first is the love for their players of their home fans. Whenever there is a game in Chennai, the whole Chepauk stadium becomes yellow with placards of their players in their hand.

            Twitter/ The Bharat Army

The fans are so much affectionate and emotional. Some say, if there is a game in the moon, their fans will surely try to do their best to reach there. And they have reached when the team’s home ground was replaced with Pune in 2018 season. That’s the unbelievable love that the CSK players get.

Chennai Super Kings: Three Words Define Comeback Stories:


 During the inaugural season of this “Indian festival”, in the first auction, every team had a marque player in their bank. For the KKR, they had Sourav Ganguly, for DD they had Sehwag, in case of KXIP, they had got Yuvraj Singh, for Mumbai, it was Sachin, for the RCB it was Rahul Dravid, and for the RR and DC, they had the service of Warne and Laxman. Now, as Ranchi is not in the IPL team, Ms Dhoni had not any team. Chennai thought of adapting him and the decision proved to be fruitful in the upcoming times. And Dhoni has also admitted that h was born in Ranchi but  Chennai is his second home. That’s the beginning of the formation of a glorious team.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni of Chennai chats to coach Stephen Fleming. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)



The New Zealand batsman and skipper was made the coach of the team. And the connection between DHONI and FLEMING resulted in an unstoppable and unbreakable relationship.


When everyone else was thinking about figuring what should be the ideal team combination, what would be the best four overseas, this team had already made their mind sure for a strong core of the INDIAN PLAYERS. The Indians e.g. ASHWINJADEJARAINAVIJAYBADRINATH were in the lineup and most of them are playing for IND. So, if the Indian core or the engine room is well set and the  half of their problems were sorted out.

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In the inaugural season, they became the runners up by losing to RR in the final but later became the only team in IPL history to win consecutive finals in the year 2010 and 2011.


The results of 3 years champions, 8 times finalist, is because MSD’s captaincy. He empowers all the players to do well, play openly and that helps to get the best of ASHWINJADEJA and VIJAY and it also transfers SURESH RAINA to Mr. IPL.  If you fail, there will be Dhoni beside you  So, don’t get afraid. And that’s how things are going as nobody understands the DNA of T20 Cricket better than the thala ( a name called by CSK fans).


CSK  and RR were banned form the IPL in 2016 for 2years following the betting scandal.

During the dark period there was the question raised, why the most successful team was banned. Because the core of the team management was found guilty in betting, the team was banned for 2 years .And now when you are banned for 2 years, there is always a problem that you need to start from the scratch. Because all the players were then distributed between the two new teams. Raina went to Lions and Dhoni to lead Pune. And all the formula changed.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: A Born Leader with Pure Captaincy Skills


After the ban, when the team was back to play IPL, everyone was asking that u might keep MSD but would you really want to keep the old Indian core ???.. And the answer came in the positive side. They were just following the same way. Everybody was thinking that it’s the DAD’S ARMY, it’s just an one year plan but the big tale is that how you react after their return back. And they stopped everyone’s mouth by becoming the champions for the 3rd time.

The New Challenge of the Franchiese:

Now the next season comes and the age grows up for a year more but they easily reached the final. Though they lost to the Mumbai Indians by a whisker , a game which they would have won 9.5 times out of 10 times. But another time runners up..

And if you talk about Dhoni’s contribution, it’s just out of our imagination. Due to water supply, when the team reached to the new home ground, they played with their best fast bowlers inspite of having a truck load spinners. That’s his class. He invested in the swing bowlers and they responded brilliantly under his captaincy.

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