India vs Bangladesh, 2012: A Tendulkar Century That Matters The Most

With this century, Sachin Tendulkar had reached to 100-internatioal Centuries milestone mark.

“Never done before, perhaps never after”– the reaction of Indian Actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan could be the expressions of billions of Indians when the Cricketing world witnessed what they would have hardly imagined in a sweet-dream. Probably, a Nautical milestone destroys the proverb that keeps on saying that Records are made to be broken. Surely, not all the records from now.

But those moments didn’t reach the station easily – the long wait of almost 33 innings; stretched out for a year or so was just playing the game of patience with Sachin and his fans. But, in a way it grew the sweetness a bit up which was already far off our thinking. Nonetheless, it was an extra-ordinary and arguably unbeatable career to all the Indian fans by their Cricketing God

The Buildup to the occasion:

The celebratory occasion was an Asia Cup Round Robin game featuring India and home team Bangladesh, whose captain Mushfiqur Rahim, winning the toss surprised Indian captain, Ms Dhoni, who after returning back to the dressing room would happily ask his openers to turn out for batting on a pitch that was expected to become slow and turning track as the match progressed.

Sachin began his innings with a beautiful cover-drive that raced off Shafiul Islam’s outside off half-volley. Hardly, the spectators sitting in Shere Bangla had the knowledge that it was Tendulkar’s 2000th ODI boundary. The routine of hitting his autograph cover-drives, late-cuts, cuts or hitting down the ground were slowly ticking all the boxes one after another. After hitting a six that all the fans were praying to please their eyes in the 17th over; he again slapped Shakib-al-Hasan to earn quite a handful of roars from the viewers.

Another half a dozen off the same bowler, this time in the cover region, passed him to the half-century mark. This was his first since that magical 85 in the WC 2011 Semifinal. The half applauses of the ground were silently painting a picture that the 96th ODI fifty of the Little Master did not really matter much to his fans. Tendulkar moved forward into the eighties after receiving a good support from half centurion Virat Kohli, who was just observing his hero from the opposite end. Since that World Cup 100 against the South Africans in Nagpur, The Master Blaster had gone closer but couldn’t really get over the line. The SCG or Wankhede or the Oval was surely playing Golf in his mind.

The 100th Hundred Moment:

After 80, he took around 35-deliveries for more 19-runs. And now, the Sun the slowly hiding itself, a cold breeze was blowing over the ground and every single heart was just a minute away from witnessing something unprecedentedA single off Shakib through the mid-wicket in the 44th over reached Sachin to the ultimate. “It’s an absolutely mind-boggling event” Gavaskar’s words in the com. box make it more joyful. The mixed feelings of joy and relief was figuring out that this new page in the already packed record book was much more essential to his fans than any other records. “The 99- hundreds that I scored; nobody spoke about them.” Delivered Tendulkar, “Everyone had their opinion.”

Soon after his 100, The Apple’s eye got dismissed but, in all happenings, India had posted 289-5 to give a good fight to the Bangladeshi batters. Mushfiqur, who was the creator of some eye brows after his decision of fielding earlier in the noon, seemed to be smiling somewhere in the dug-out watching the opponent bowlers struggling to get their line and length right, thanks to the dew.

A big century partnership including couple of half century partnerships saw the Bangla Tigers overshadowed the special occasion that both Sachin and the whole Cricketing world would never want to erase. After the journey from Nag to Mir, stuck on 99, a drained Tendulkar admitted it as his ‘Toughest Century’. “A year ago, when I got my 99th hundred, no one spoke about it during the World Cup.” The next sentence could easily spell out the immense pressure of this 100 on his shoulders.

Tendulkar’s Mental Fight to reach the 100:

“Whenever I went to a restaurant, the house-keeping, the room service, whoever I met, just spoke about the 100th Hundred.” When someone who had bucket full of hundreds addressed one of his hundred as toughest, one understands what does it take mentally. “It became a little difficult mentally because I am not playing for my 100th hundred.”

The emotions were spreading all over the world among different professions in the social media platforms. All his teammates or opponents have congratulated him on that success. All his fans took a deep breath after observing something that they have seen for the first or possibly the last time [they wouldn’t mind to see it again from an Indian again; you know what I am talking !!]. Although, one line none of them will ever trust in their life. “I am not God. I am Sachin Tendulkar.”

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