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There could be a series involving India and Pakistan, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja Dropped a Bombshell

The last time India and Pakistan met each other was during the 2021 T-20 World Cup while the next is expected to be during the 2023 ODI World Cup.

PCB is ready to set a fire; Chairman Ramiz Raja confirms it.

Nearly been a decade past since there is a series between India vs Pak in any format except the world cup affairs due to political tensions. Pakistan hosting an ICC event in the near future is already marking lines in BCCI on their approval. But despite of all those things, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja presents an annual four-team Super series offer on table.

Four Giants to meet again?

The four giants are Pakistan, Australia, England including India. Not only this will be a great fan service to cricket fans beyond borders but also beneficial for participating boards in terms of revenue.

As on paper officials stated that such tournaments could catch USD 650 MIL in media and commercial rights which is almost up to 5000 crores in INR. Although breakdown of revenue isn’t decided yet, it is guessed that a significant portion will go towards the non-participating full members and associate members as well.

The PCB has picked a window in September-October for the tournament as it is the time of start season in Aus, Pak and India and end of English season.

As it proposed that a single-league structure of six league games, with a final game either a one-off or best of three, playing in span of two weekends. ICC will be in charge of the event and hosting rights will be rotating on yearly basis among teams.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raza blasted a bombshell:

“This is a strategic paper in which the ICC and its members have been encouraged and invited to explore an untapped event opportunity around traditional rivalries in cricket, turn them into a cricket extravaganza, attract a new generation of cricketers, speed up cricket development and maximize revenues for the members,” a PCB official familiar with the plan told ESPNcricinfo.

“This concept not only provides context; it will also become a much-anticipated event across the globe as cricket fans and followers want to see Pakistan play India or Australia take on England or India meet England or Pakistan face Australia on an annual basis

It is reported that this concept has been spoken many times by Chairman R Raja since he took the seat but until recently it will be submitted formally in Dubai. Also, the meeting holds strong hand because it might create an opportunity for the members to further shape the next Future Tour Programme (FTP).

Is it going to be possible?

Even though there is concerns that Even with potential annual pay-outs, other Full and Associate Members would agree to such Idea that foresees no participation for them and ICC is ran out of event slots, PCB chairman is positive and officials stated, “The ICC tried the ICC Super Series in 2005, so there is no harm in testing waters for another event” and “This event will also bring a further nation vs nation event, in a cricket calendar that is being increasingly influenced by mushrooming of various T20 leagues around the world. Because of that, bilateral T20Is have become meaningless. The four-nation Super Series can fill the vacuum”.

The next huge event that for now is stated to see India and Pakistan locked horns between themselves will be the ICC 2022 T20 World Cup which is going to be on 23rd October in Melbourne.

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