IPL 2020: Immediate Success had Destroyed the Future of Chennai Super Kings

For the very first time, Ms Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings fails to qualify for the playoffs of the IPL.

We all know that the year 2020 is so much unfamiliar to us and there are so many proves received since March. And if it wasn’t enough then tell you what, that the 13th season of the Indian Premier League has stopped us from saying, “IPL is the tournament where 7 teams fight among themselves to play the final against the Chennai Super Kings.”

The season, which has flown to UAE due to COVID-19, is the worst year for the Men in Yellow. Yes, they have got some pace in the campaign but it’s too late. Rajasthan’s victory against the Mumbai Indians on Sunday evening has ensured that they would have zero chance of making it to the playoffs for the very first time since the its inaugural season back in 2008.

Dhoni and co. did start like their usual form beating the Mumbai Indians in the first game but suddenly they started to lose their way losing back to back games and all on a sudden they beat Kings XI Punjab by 10 wickets chasing 175+ in Dubai which was the highest chase that time. Now when everyone believed that they had kept the feet in the gear, the old story again started to recap. “Too many holes in the ship and when you try to plug one there is water flowing from another.” Words of Skipper Ms Dhoni after their loss against RCB in the first leg.

There are lots of factors running in their set-up. Let’s have a look at the bigger picture.

The Successful IPL Journey of Chennai Super Kings


Undoubtedly, CSK is the most ageing and experienced franchise of the IPL-2020 and that has really backfired them. The tired legs has no only cost you 10-15+ runs but also created some issues during their running between the wickets. The 2s & 3s has been reduced to 1 and 1.5; so that at the end of 40-overs, it draws a line between you and the winning side.

 But there are some intense that shows that the experience has not really helped them a lot. The game against the Knight Riders in Abu Dhabi, where they were in the front seat for most of the chase, they slipped it from their hands. There are some few shots like that poor selection by Watson against RCB or Rayudu against KKR or Jadeja against Royals; those little moments has effected the equation.


One of the biggest weapon for the men in yellow is their spinners. In all the seasons, they have so many quality spinners who have kept the batters calm during the middle overs which has helped them in the death overs. Last year, The combo of Tahir-Jajeja-Harbhajan and rest of the spinners have 62 wickets at an excelent economy of 7.2 odd comparing to 26 wickets at an economy of 8.85 odd. The pitches in UAE has reduced its pace; it has started to turn but Cheapuk is another page of the story.


If Ms Dhoni is the heart of Chennai Super Kings, then China Thala Suresh Raina is the soul of their life. Losing him before the start of IPL, has not really helped Dhoni and his men at all. Chennai was seen to miss the man every time during the middle overs and in the fielding too who is so much consistent for them in the million dollar league. They hadn’t really recover from the situation before getting the news of Harbhajan Singh who also took his name from the T-20 league. The experienced off-spinner is one of the biggest reasons for the team’s success after their comeback after the 2-year break.

 If they thought that it’s the worst moments before the main journey, then the outbreak of COVID symptoms in their camp made it woeful. Deepak Chahar, the standout Fast bowler in the previous years and Ruturaj Gaikward, who was to take Raina’s place, were required to fight with the virus. And all those things just destroy the whole equation of CSK’s team set-up.

Chennai Super Kings: Three Words Define Comeback Stories:


Now big question is can they make a comeback ?? Of course they can. See, realistically, you will fall short in any season; even the four-time champions haven’t qualified in every year. But, their immediate success has somehow destroyed their future. Mumbai has taken 6-seasons to get their name in the trophy for the first time, but since then in every alternate year. They have made 7-8 players who can play almost 7-8 more seasons in the future for them but not the case for Chennai. Yes, they can prove me wrong as they have done it in 2018 but it’s not going to be easy.

All the eyes of the franchise and their fans will be on 2021 IPL auction. The two words, “Definitely Not” by Ms Dhoni on will he be back next year have given their fans a sigh of relief. But will it be a mega auction? not sure.. will it be held in India ?? no one can predict. But whatever happens, Chennai Super Kings and their management need to take some tough calls and look for some fresh bloods. All their fans will hope that the injured lion will roar more loudly in the upcoming edition.

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