Live in the Present- The Hardest Job in Indian Cricket

A Little Look at how the fans show their different emotions at the cricketers for alternate performance of Indian Cricket bringing the old records.

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Just the moment Williamson worked the half-volley in the deep mid-wicket region for a single on the third ball of the 15th over, you could feel a sense of emptiness and heavy hearts in the stands but specially from all the players and the support staffs; it’s after-all will not be a regular time for Indian Cricket by depending on others. 

Sad Elimination from T-20 World Cup 2021:

Somehow, sitting in my drawing room watching New Zealand’s batting almost predicting the price-less result of the affair after first 120-balls, the wave of an old but fresh story that was constantly cheeping in my whole cricketing mind for last couple of years; the Blackcaps skipper Kane Williamson with a soft smile is the persistent whether being on the non-striker in Southampton or taking the hardest catch of Ravi Jadeja during Manchester semi-final of 2019-World Cup.

One who follows the game with an unbiased nerve can easily forecast the trolls this Indian side will have after the loss in the social media, well it didn’t take too long to break out those already made draft posts.

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Indian fans & their Overconfidence: 

India was facing Pakistan in the opening clash of this new edition of T-20 World Cup with an unbeaten score-line but too much pressure. The media-hypes with status and stories being written on the news-papers of how easy it should be for this Indian side to outclass the neighbors. Some of the interviews going around in different news channel and that anthem “Mauka Mauka” ringing everywhere; I won’t be surprised if somehow had set it as a “ringtone” or an “alarm”. It was so worst feeling that how can one keep another nation so low; specially to an unpredictable country like Pakistan; after-all they somehow won the most important clash in the form of 2017 Champions Trophy Final.

I have found it a waving trend that whenever the team does well, it’s about the whole brunch job but when the coach and the skipper always have been washed out whenever the side has a off-day; those two facts can’t marry with each other. Virat was the reason India could reach up to where they found himself. After being reduced at 2 for nothing almost; that man on a humid Dubai evening played one of the best innings and what stood out was the true leadership he showed towards his opening bowler, Mohammad Shami, going for 17-runs in an over of the game, received so much trolling on social platforms.

Some People are of cheap minded- aren’t they?:

Even those animals went beyond the boundary by giving rape threats to 10-month-old daughter of Virat Kohli.

It’s so often I have discovered the fact that whenever this Indian side had a rough patchy day in the field; there are thousands of stories and poems being travelled in the social universe and all are mostly about either a single player or those old players who have already done their job for the side. Is it somehow will make the current or that past bunch proud? Not at all.

The blue brigade after a week’s break faced New Zealand on a hard knock-out game where they had to win to have their fate on their own hand. They failed. It was one of those unreal days when whatever Kane did on the field appeared to be a magical trick. Not a single Indian batsman can fulfill their wish of hitting the ball in empty regions of the ground. There was a blizzare move from the management to put their best white ball opener Rohit Sharma at 3 which didn’t work at all. Just like Nagpur 2016, Santner-Sodhi made life critical for the Indian batsmen.

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Analyze but not to cross the Boundary:

I have no problem with those smart heads analyzing the game-plans of the side; as a fan you can ask questions why this or that happened but these have to be in a sensible manner I request. I have never found a clue of why some dull headed human being point out a finger on the family of the players as a reason of defeating in a game. They have nothing to do about that one. Will you be happy if someone blame your loved ones for your miscarriage?

One more thing what I have already touch a bit earlier is trying to look at the past!! It will be so tough for this side if you don’t respect and have confidence for them. It’s a statement that everyone makes, “Live in the present.” but hardly one follows. And there is another secret in the treasure is that just when the whole side fails, the pictures arrive with so much rhythmic poem but not when an individual broke down.

Cricket is just a game and not played in the battlefield. Some people even at the 21st Century can’t figure out the easiest fact. A player never keeps feet on the ground to lose it for his country but to give his blood, sweat and everything for the nation. But Indian fans live in their own circle always roaming around with the thought reappearing the old players. Some of them will never learn, I guess.

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