Ind Vs Pak Match Or Ashes or World Cup Final : Choose Wisely At Your Risk

Ind Vs Pak Match Or Ashes or World Cup Final : Choose Wisely At Your Risk
Ind Vs Pak Match Or Ashes or World Cup Final : Choose Wisely At Your Risk
Ind Vs Pak Match Or Ashes or World Cup Final

“Sir ji world cup chor do, Pakistan k sath jitna hey bash.” (Sir, leave out the World Cup, just win against Pakistan.)These seem to be the impression every single Indian fan and vice-versa for the Pakistan fans use to grow when it comes to ICC tournaments specially when those are not so regular in Biteral-series.

Two Nations, 11-players on the field from both sides with others helping them out, huge populations and so much emotional fans firmly have been connected with the game. In those old days when fans used to pack the whole ground cheering for their lads loudly, as a player or even not being part of the environment as a playing circuit, I can remark it as a surreal feeling.

Most of the world believes that Ashes is the best rivalry that a Cricket team have on the field, untill they sense the atmosphere themselves. Well, the Australia-England fight is always tough to beat with so much going on and off the field during the game or to the lead-up to an Ashes series as we are getting the smell of December 8 from both the fans; but again, the India-Pakistan games have achieved something else.

As a player, as much as you love the crowd, the pressure on those legs are trimindous specially with the rapid and wrong use of social media. The moment as a player you leave your home for the ground, the initial word-attack comes from your family, mostly from your grand-father and grand-mother; you take a car to travel but have to give assurance to driver that India will be winning; you checked into the hotel and from the security, hotel staffs to the lady sitting in the reception, all will have the only common sentence to ask; “sir ji, India jeet raha hey na?” (Sir, aren’t we winning?)

But somehow, I feel so bad when this beautiful game is getting affected by some dull nonsense heads; they fail to understand it’s not war after all. The amount of abuse the players get from both the camps are so meaningless.

There are so many world class players that both the sides have produced throughout so many years. The passion of the fans has his own speak. The fun part that the players have in themselves during the game is so pleasing in eyes. But what now?

The recent or you might say for the last quite a few years, the political relationship between these two countries are not seemingly moving towards a good way which has opened the road of stopping sports association between both the boards; I couldn’t help believe how can political reasons effect the game of cricket only and not the other sports like football, badminton, Tennis what are running so smoothly. I get the news that Pakistan hockey team has come to Bhuvneshwar on the last week of November, 2021.

It’s been almost 10-11 years I am following the game as a fan but yet to observe Virat or Pujara or Rahane facing Shaheen Shah or Yasir or others; and the same with Indian bowlers; come on be honest with yourself; don’t you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the ground when Ashwin or Jadeja bowls to Babar Azam or Azar Ali? Be it Mumbai or Multan, the fans were scorching for the feelings of being in the ground.

India is always a country of different cultures but I always trust that if there is one thing can connect all the parts of the country altogether; then it’s the game of cricket. The fields were chanted by the little kids playing the beautiful game; if you walk on the road, you can observe those lads trying to emulate so many bowling actions as if they are playing in Mumbai or Bangalore. The hype is so much and watching the game against neighbors will provide an extra energy in the bank.

The ICC has announced that the 2025 Champions trophy will be held in Pakistan but there are so many dark clouds hovering on the participation of India. “I’m sure, as with all the countries, they will put together all the appropriate security plans to deliver the event.” ICC chairman, Greg Barclay expressed. “We’re comfortable and confident it will go ahead.” And I really want to see the tournament getting green signal in that country; they deserve it.

So, as I am talking, World cup is always a pressurized game with so many people even with zero knowledge about the game, hope their side to lift the trophy; The ashes as well as that is the prime one in every Eng-Aus player’s life; winning the urn at home or retaining it away will be the ultimate dream of both the country players. I can bet, although Australia has won the T-20 world cup this year and they have some late-night parties in that week with so many good wishes coming from all around the world; if they somehow slip in the ladder and can’t retain it on 18th January; everyone will forget what they have achieved in Mid November.

Considering all the aspects, you can say that all three types of the games are so rock solid and of cooker situation; but there is something extra crunchy in the Indo-Pak game; whether it’s being association of the family and the emotions of billions of fans or connecting the new generation; One have to be brave enough to look beyond this match-up. Probably Ashes will follow it with the World-Cup final even with all unlikeness may end last.

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