South Africa vs West Indies, 2015: Don’t Try to Do What Ab Does

Ab de villiers scored the fastest ODI century in just 31-deliveries.

When we watch those blockbuster films filled with a basketful of stances, usually a disclaimer blooms in front of our television screens; “DO NOT TRY TO EMULATE THIS IN YOUR HOUSE.” Yes, because that could lead up to some damage. But, in the game of cricket, you could hardly find a man who has shown us those epic stances with his bat in hand. But looking at some of the cricketing knocks with splendid timing of the ball, you will find one man across the globe; That’s Abraham Benjamin de Villers.

In our early age, we often try to copy the skills of our superheroes whom we followed in the TV set like trying to jump from one roof to another balcony using the spider web like Spiderman, leaping from one place like Hanuman’s leap across the ocean in the Ramayana. We all have tried this in our home with so much enthu and joy.

A Special Day at Johannesburg:

But having said all of these, I am just advising all of those small lads who admire cricket not to try what Ab did on 18th January in 2015. Let me explain all the tiny moments of the game. It was the 2nd ODI in the series against the West Indies in Johannesburg. The pink jerseys of the Proteas were indicating that it was that special day of initiating an increase of Breast Cancer Awareness.

So, in the bright sunny morning, the oppositions asked the home team to come in what flipped out as their biggest mistake. Rillee Rossouw & Hashim Amla stood a 247-run opening partnership hitting Jerome Taylor, Jsn Holder, Russell, Benn or any bowler in all the parts of the ground. The clueless bowling is added by some miss-chances or poor fielding by the visitors.

Ab Walks up to Bat:

At last, they get the former of the partnership back in the dressing room. But, after knowing all the future of the game in the rest of the innings after the fall of the wicket, all the West Indian players including their fans might think now that the wicket taking ball hadn’t favored them at all. No one could take a break as Captain Ab de Villers walked up to the middle and I’m telling you; looking at his gesture of walking down the tunnel of the stadium, one can’t predict the upcoming monsoon that lashed on the opposite side.

The ominous sign for the men in Maroon arrived in no time as Ab got off to the mark with a beautiful boundary off Jerome Taylor. The 40th over bowled by Andre Russell saw the right-handed batsman smashing him for two fours and couple of sixes.  The most dangerous part of his innings was the type of shots he was playing; a scoop to fine leg or hitting fast bowlers over the third man from outside the off stump or steeping out against the pacers. After blasting a six off Taylor, de Villers took Holder on charge by striking three sixes and a boundary to bring up the fastest half-century off just 16 balls in the blink of an eye (19mins.).

1 AB De Villiers  SA vs WI 16 Johannesburg 18/01/2015
2 MDKJ Perera SL vs Pak 17 Pallekele 15/07/2015
3 St Jayasuriya  SL vs Pak 17 Singapore  07/04/1996
4 MJ Guptill NZ vs SL 17 Christchurch  28/12/2015
5 SP O’Donnell Aus vs SL 18 Sharjah  02/05/1990
6 Shahid Afridi  Pak vs SL  18 Nairobi  04/10/1996
7 Shahid Afridi  Pak vs Ned 18 Colombo  21/09/2002
8 GJ Maxwell  Aus vs Ind 18 Bangalore  02/11/2013
9 Shahid Afridi  Pak vs Ban 18 Mirpur  04/03/2014
10 BB McCullum  NZ vs Eng 18 Wellington  20/02/2015

Till now, if we want to justify what happened in the ground, we could be plated with three sufficient points; The pitch may be the flattest one in last so many years or the bowling was below par or lastly but fairly, it’s the pure class of Protea captain Ab de Villers what made it look so simple out there.

Ab Stated to Tear the Bowlers:

Let’s go back to the game again. So, one milestone is done and to get the next level, so much time was left in the game. West Indies seem to be puzzled with their plans and mindsets. Ab entered into the 80s with a couple of boundaries off Dwayne Smith, yes you heard it right, the opener was bowling in the death overs.

He broke the old record off the fastest century by reaching to a new landmark off just 31 deliveries, 5-balls fewer than the last one. Unbelievable scenes were witnessed in the whole ground with a standing ovation from the whole crowd for roaring de Villers. Former Indian batsman Akash Chopra demanded a DNA test of de Villers.

 “I demand a DNA test of AB De Villers…this game is only for humans. #superhuman #WhatAPlayer”. And honestly, he was right, Ab hadn’t stopped there or you can say he wished not to stop there. In the 49th over of the innings, his batting raised to another gear; hold on yes, I know 31-ball 100 is superfast for us but not for superman, as he smacked Dwayne Smith for four sixes and a boundary to move on 147. Finally, he got out on 149!!!

44 balls, 16 sixes, 149 runs; You Know If You Know:

Still I am saying not to emulate the innings because you can’t get this quality of skill in every page of the Cricket book, do you?? He was hitting the pacers outside off stumps, he was stepping out, when the bowlers thought of bowling straight, he was just smashing there over their head, Abh bowler karee bhi tuo kya karee?? (what the bowler will do now). I telling you, a 10-year old who was planning of being a bowler, will quit it straightaway after witnessing that (I am lacking the adjective) innings.

None the less, as soon as South Africa piled up 439 runs, it was just a matter of time before the West Indies would find themselves knocked down easily. So, that was the story of how a superman did the stance in the cricket field and I am still trying to confess you in the last line of the article; Don’t try to do this in your backyard. Try to play better shots with proper technique. Of Course, you are not super-human, or are you??

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