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Debate on cricket’s future having salt on the wounded place

South Africa and United Arab Emirates have planned to start their own T20 Leagues in January next year.

On the late Wednesday morning, August 10, after waking up, the first news that floated before my eyes was a 33-year-old Trent Boult giving up his central contract of New Zealand to be with his young family for more time playing in various T20 leagues all around the world rather than being part of the Blackcaps jersey in which he features for 78 Tests, 93 ODIs and 44 T20Is.

It took me some time to realize what Boult, who is the current and inaugural World Test Championship winner besides being the runners up of the World Cup for the T20I and ODI format, could lose- A huge landmark of becoming just the fourth New Zealand player to play more than 100 Test matches and if he could touch the feat, then he might record as the next Blackcaps bowler after Sir Richard Hadlee to pick 400 Test wickets.

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Player’s power is now over the board’s control:

The name of this section is nothing new who knows the condition of the West Indies cricket form deep inside; even when their current T20I side ae struggling to get going in a T20I series against India or New Zealand in their home turf with the October’s T20 World Cup knocking on the door, some of their main players in the form of Andre Russell or Sunil Narine.

What does all that mean? The boards are slowly but steadily losing their power from the player’s arena. No matter what they request, we should sometimes bow down to it, or should I say most of the times! When Trent Boult opted out for the Central contact, there was hardly anything that NZC chief executive David White could have done.

But he has all the right to say how all those selection finds a huge contribution from the list of the central contracts.

Two sides of Boult’s decision:

There were perhaps two sides of every word the modern generation uses; one is the right version whereas other way around for obvious reason is the flip of it.

I found the flip one first, when I opened my social media feed; there was already one comment coming from the Australia great, Jason Gillespie showed his disappointment behind the left-hander’s decision.

“The absolute vast majority of players want to play for their country first and foremost.” Addressed Jason, who at the current age of Boult, 33, hang up his shoes before joining the coaching job couple of years later. “There will be a time when priorities shift.”


But is Boult really that wrong? What would a normal person would have done being in that double crossed situation. I have seen my friends changing their universities or department months after being admitted just because they lost their interest; I saw one of my uncles changing his office a week after joining because of some heavy money offer! Then What did Boult do wrong?

Just because, he has decided to play for the country in a sport from a young age, it’s unfair to point a finger on him and it’s more unfair to speak on someone who has played for almost 14 years now. He’s taking retirement; the only thing he asked for has been some time for his family.

The lucrative deals he will now receive in the ILT20 in UAE or the new South Africa’s league in January will settle his family more in the cushion and everyone wants to see that in life. The only thing we, the commentators don’t see is the mirror!

With the grow of formats and leagues, the real game is under threat:

There should be a debate long time ago on the growth of different formats all over the world with different cricketing boards finding their way to produce their own cricketing league.

The playing styles have changed and I firmly believe that Mr. Kerry Parker who invented that World Series Cricket, was such a smart guy. With the creation of colorful dresses and the games being played under the floodlights, cricket was found to be a festival.

That tournament just lifted the power of 50-over games; however, the recent concern for the One Day International (ODI) cricket has raised a new question and then the retirement of England’s World Cup 2019 winner, Ben Stokes have pushed it far. With South Africa and Australia mutually pulling off their one-day series in January to keep the Bib Bash and a new T20 league over the line.

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The current players are being offered with some handsome prize and with the growth of this T20 structure in world cricket of late, it won’t be too long for a player to say thank you very much!!

Hang on, I guess they have already started to do it in other way around. David Warner, who doesn’t really get a chance to feature in the BBL because of packed International calendar, was stated to fly UAE for the ILT20 before Australia pulling their own player in their league with a rise in the prize.

What if people get bored of T20 format?

The Test cricket is always stated to be the pinnacle of all formats. Just to decrease the boredom of that lengthy format, the ODI cricket was invented where there were phases with different game plans and situations.

At the start, you can see slips while they slowly begin to fade out in the middle overs before bringing the Yorkers and slower ones in the game at the death overs to reduce the run flow. Then the modern people seemed to get bored with that format too; at the start to be honest, The shortest format of the game was treated to be a resting period but then with the growth of franchise crickets and the cricket boards earning such a heavy money, without a drop of doubt, it picked up thanks to the Indian Premier League.

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But have you ever sensed what if the T20s too prepare to produce boredoms in player’s mind? The questions start to rise if the fans become bored with the 20-over games.

Cricket has already been dabbed with the T10 leagues in the UAE; to be honest, my first impression on that format was nothing short of watching a comedy show. 60 balls, 10 wickets, small boundaries and all the blessings to the bowlers for being flown all around the park.

I won’t be too surprised if suddenly out of nowhere they throw a five over game. The balance of the game is being destroyed and that’s why the administrators should have organized an all-encompassing debate long ago.

The cricket calendar is rushing towards an end and quickly, they need to settle it down before a new player who should have played first class cricket at the early stage of his life, will fly around the globe to earn heavy cashes in a narrow and short bridge.

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