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Are We too Harsh on T-20 or Franchise Cricket

The franchiese and T-20 Cricket has helped so many players in many ways.

The key is not spending time, but in investing it.”-

                               Stephen R. Convey, The author of famous time management matrix.

It’s quite up to different personal whether they would like to spend their much essential time behind doing some useful or useless activities but if you call it ‘investing’, then surely you have your own reasons to spend those moments for something that carries value and importance specially to you, if not to others. 

Test or T-20:

Coming out with a survey of your own town on how many people enjoy the longest format of the game, you may end up covering a long page with handful of names; but you can’t tell me that those didn’t like the t-20 format too. When I ask someone about his favorite format, it seems like they wish to speak about the 20-over format but the heavy weight and the high-profile standard of Test Cricket among the pundits funnily push them on the opposite of what they want to express. After-all, loving red ball cricket means the whole world to some of us. Really?? Are we denying our love ruthlessly??

IPL isn’t that boring:

The other evening when I am sitting in my drawing room watching the 14th season opener of the Indian Premier League between the Virat Kohli led Royal Challengers Bangalore & depending Champions Mumbai Indians under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, I was actually glued with my telly screen; not a single second I could remember that I had found myself saying. “Oh!! Same story, boring”. Even the WhatsApp group made on this occasion remains active all the time during the game. I can assure you, those scenes don’t take place during the test matches, even the Ashes.

The way the game ended; it was the perfect start to crystal clear why the league rates highly. Even in the next game, the way the Chennai Super Kings began, it seemed like they will be reduced under 150; but some hard hitting from Raina, Curran, Jadeja crossed them over 180 to hope for a serious chase from the Delhi Capitals. But the way Prithvi-Shikhar batted, it was so tough from Dhoni and co. to be back in the game.

The nail-biters are just a part and parcel of the shortest format of the game whereas getting those inch closers in the longest format is like finding water everywhere in the desert.

What does T-20 Cricket teach us:

The new generation just love the ball coming onto the bat, hitting them off the ground. Even the great “Whispering Death” Michael Holding finds some positives in this format of the game. “What the shorter format have done is that they have made people’s mindset change…to be a lot more positive, a lot more aggressive.” The most-fresh example of changing mindset was India’s recent Gabba breach in the beginning of the year. The duo of Gill-Pant was so positive during the chase to succeed them second consecutive test series win in Australia. “We see a lot more results now in test cricket, which is good for the game.”

Another page in the T-20 Cricket book shows that it has exposed so many great fielding skills by the cricketers. “Cricketers are now a lot fitter as well, much more athletic.” You can’t just stand in the third man waiting for a catch; a light body with so much athletism will find it much easier and that slowly but smartly are gravitating in Test Cricket.

Different T-20 Franchiese Cricket all around:

The franchise Cricket like the IPL, BBL or PSL and others seems to be now collected the priority of the players all over the Globe. “We go east to complete our White-ball education.” Spells out Harsha Bhogle.

One of the biggest reason of players participating in the leagues are because of the heavy amount of life changing amount they are being offered for just 50-days. The issue that just catches everyone’s eyes is rating those leagues over your National team. “The money becomes an issue when Franchise Cricket becomes bigger than playing for you country.” Reflects English commentator Naseer Hussain.

In those early days, you hardly find English players except one man, Kevin Peterson somehow consistently in the background tried his best to point the importance of this form. Besides money, the most useful flavor the IPL does is that it one after another keeps you under pressure in most of the games. “When you go and look at the team sheets in the IPL, it’s like World XI.”

Butler & Stokes have learnt a lot from IPL:

After that 2015 rubbish World Cup from England where they were kicked off in the hands of Bangladesh, the whole committee just realize, “Oh hang on, we need to Change our concept.” One fine morning, The Daily Telegraph found out Ben Stokes saying, “Buttler came back a better player from the IPL, so I wanted to go and play.” The formation just after playing 2seasons was easily caught in Stokes playing those two splendid innings, one in the World Cup and one in Headingly was of high class.

“At Headingly, he went into IPL mode when batting with Jack Leach; some of the shots he played…reverse switch-hit into the western terrace off Lyon, he can’t play that unless he played the IPL.” Hussain brightens the point why all those players need to find time to the leagues. “Also, the World Cup final innings, he can’t handle the pressure unless you have been in the pressurized cauldron before.” And now Peterson is standing somewhere with a light smile after England declared the players to take part in the IPL instead of starting the home summer against the Kiwis.

The Different Cultures in T-20:

One of the most important aspect some of us neglect is that the league games just teach us how to maintain diversity. The Warner-Bairstow relationship or even the words of Stokes, “I learned a lot from Steve Smith” would have never arrived. You play, share dressing room or spend quality times with the best on the planet.

But the dark side that can be found is, if you ask an 8-year-old Mumbai boy about where he wats to play, will he throw you the answer of joining the Mumbai Indian’s dugout rather then the Indian dressing room?

Test Cricket is under a bit of threat and thrown under the bus but the recent few months and what is being spoken by the young players, the good is that they all want to wear the white shirt for their respective country. So, Let’s not be harsh on the shortest format of the game. It’s here to stay long.

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