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5-New Cricket Records That can Occur in the Decade 2020-2029:

ODI Triple Century can be a reality; who knows 500 will be achieved by a team batting first or the way the batters are batting in a T-20, someone could reach to 200

There is a popular saying :- “Records are made to be broken”. It’s pretty remarkable to think how much things have changed over the past decade (2010-2019). Cricket began 2010 with no ODI double century by a man’s player, just quite a few number of 400+ scores in ODIs and not to mention T20 quiet heavily as it was just 3yrs. old in that time. 
Fast forward 10years later, and records have tumbled all over the place across all the formats. From zero double century, it becomes eight double centuries; seven 400+ ODI totals become 20 and some new trimindous T20 records have been set. So, while there are records that may never be broken, there is always a possibility of new records being created in the upcoming 10years.

In this article, we are going to show the 5 new cricket records that can happen in the decade 2020-2029.

Team Score of 500 in ODIs:

Fans, pundits, all the former Cricketers and all the other persons who are connected with the game were convinced that it was just a matter of time of team scoring a giant total of 500+ runs in ODI Cricket. And ENG had almost grabbed it by smashing a world record 481/6 against a helpless and hopeless Australia.
Though it’s not going to be enjoyed by the bowlers though, the fans will enjoy the the ball coming to them for most of the time. It was widely thought that the 2019 world cup would be the time and place where batsman would go harder against the bowlers but the thinking couldn’t be right at all as the bowlers held it up quite well with a number of star performances.
But will we see 500 or more in the upcoming decade ?? Of course, specially as the batsmen continue to Play freely and fearlessly thanks to the T20 form of play in the ODIs. Pitches are often flat in all the countries almost, the bats are lighter yet more and more powerful and a 360 degree strokeplay are the main reasons of chasing the record. So, tight your seatbelts and looking for the balls in the stands.

T-20 may See Teams Reaching to 300:

If we can expect team score of 500 in the ODIs, then we could easily look for 300+ totals in a T20 game. There have been 19 250+ scores in the T20 Cricket as of April, 2020 including scores of 278, scored by Afghanistan.
With a huge amount of T-20 usually on the Cricket calendar, condition helping the batters, amazing powerful bats, 360 degree strokeplay, flat pitches, short boundaries like Auckland and Bangalore, the 300 barrier may very well be broken in the upcoming 10 years.

ODI Triple Century:

When 2010 began, no man had crossed the 200 mark single handedly in the ODI history, leave the the thought of a ODI triple century. A few times Saeed Anwar and Charles Convertry came close but the score of 200 was just flying in their dream.

However, when Sachin Tendulkar bacame the first man to achieve the feat in 2010, it grew a fabulous inspiration in some of the attacking players. That saw the revolution of Virendra Sehwag, next followed by Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma ( who now has three) , Crish Gayle, Martin Guptill and the latest being Fakhar Zaman. 
Going forward, we can surely expect more double centuries. However, there is a golden possibility of a player crossing the 200 mark with a number of death overs to spare and that can provide the time to give the triple century mark a real go. We have seen those ridiculous strikings over the past 5 or 6 years. With a top score of 264 ( scored by Rohit) , we could expect it to translate into the magical 300 mark.

T-20 Double Century:

In 2017, Rohit Sharma smashed 118 of 43 balls in a T20 against Sri Lanka. With 7.3 overs to go in the innings, he was 118* and that gave the fans and pundits over the globe a hope of a maiden T20 double century. Next year, Aaron Finch fired 172 vs Zimbabwe which remains the highest individual T20 score in the history. In the same year, Miller held the record of the fastest T20 century vs Bangladesh (35 deliveries) equalling Rohit Sharma (2017) and Lauis van der Westhuizen (2011). 
When you mix up all these international stats with some extra-ordinary hittings in the T20 leagues ( such as Gayle’s 175* in 2013 ), we may very well see a player reaching the magical 200 mark in a T20. After all, T20 will always remain a batsman friendly game most of the time.

Most Test & International Centuries by a Single Player:

Sachin Tendulkar in 2012, became the first Cricketer in the history of the game to achieve 100 international centuries. His fellow countryman, Virat Kohli, has the best chance of any current player of crossing the mark. 

It’s going to be a huge call. As of April 2020, Virat Kohli has 70 international centuries to his name with 43 in the ODIs and 27 in the tests. However, the 31 year old, Kohli has his fitness and determination in his way to play for least another 7-8 years.

Virat scores an ODI ton once every 5.56 innings, say he plays 16 innings, each year from 2021- 2027 ( 112 times ) and scores centuries at the same rate, he will score another 20 (112÷5.56=20) ODI centuries. 

This leaves Kohli another 10 centuries to achieve across test and t20s. With 27 centuries in 86 matches, including superb 50 to 100 conversation rate of 55% and scoring 100s in IND easily, it’s likely that so many test tons await Kohli.

In terms of the test centuries, Sachin’s record of 51 test centuries, is also a chance of being broken. Kohli, with 27 centuries at the age of 31 and the superhuman from Australia, Steve Smith with 26 centuries at 30 years of age are the leading contenders of this mark.

Each will need a superb start and a continuous run of form in the first half of the decade. But most importantly, both are capable. Let’s see, who reaches first ??

Comment Your Choice of Records:

Now, what we can do ?? Firstly we can enjoy the real battle of bat and ball in the Cricket field. And secondly, we can revisit the article on 31st December, 2029 to see if these possibilities indeed come true. Do you trust any new records will be created in the coming years ??   

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